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HY-W20 WiFi/GPRS/SMS Camera Burglar Home Security Intelligent Alarm System

HY-W20 WIFI/GPRS/SMS Network Alarm Panel Brief Introduction HY-W20 alarm system adopts the up-to-date digital sensors and transfer technology, which integrates burglar and fire/gas protection for smart alarm system. Users can remotely control and program the alarm host Via APP. It also supports...

HY-W20 WIFI/GPRS/SMS Network Alarm Panel

Brief Introduction 

HY-W20 alarm system adopts the up-to-date digital sensors and transfer technology, which integrates burglar and fire/gas protection for smart alarm system. Users can remotely control and program the alarm host Via APP. It also supports multiple languages. The system adopts WIFI/GPRS/SMS wireless network digital signal processing technology. When alarm happens, it will send alert by voice, information push, pop-up alarm on screen. W20 Alarm System is a advisable choice for personal house, working office and factory with fashionable appearance and multi-functionals.

Main Features
◆ WIFI/GPRS/SMS network transmission alert, three network backup modes selection
◆ 32 wireless zone, 11 zone type are optional: disable, delay, burglar, perimeter, fire, gas, duress, panic, medical, doorbell, smart.
◆ Support 8 RFID cards. The name of RFID card can be modified by users.
◆ Support 8 PSTN alarm phone numbers. When alarm happens, it will auto dial the preset phone number to inform the user.
◆ Support IOS and Android App. Users can operate and program alarm host via App.
◆ Support arm/disarm, system status, alarm information push in multiple language, alarm information pop-up on the screen, alarm voice and vibration.
◆ Zone name can be edited by users. Check all states of the host in real time.
◆ Intelligently connecting with network in short time, the host panel can be controlled by more than 1 mobile phone at the same time, joining networking center and centralizing monitoring of over 1 host panel with App.
◆ Support remotely updating the firmware by App.
◆ Monitor the open/close state of doors and windows, protect arm zone from failure of open door/window.
◆ Built-in siren, the volume have three level can adjusted, can work with wireless siren.
◆ support remote operation by phone, support arm, disarm, monitoring and so on.
◆ 2 arming/disarming timers can be set based on weekdays and weekends.
◆ Built-in high power capacity 800mAh 3.7V lithium battery can be standby 8 hours at
◆ Support 100 pieces of latest alarm records and querying via App .

Technical Parameter

Alarm Communication ways

Alarm signal transmitted via WIFI/GPRS/GSM network


AC 100V~240V

Message Push

Arm/Disarm information、System information、Alarm information

Standby Battery


GSM working Frequency


Number of Zones

32 wireless zones

GSM Emission Frequency


Range of Temperature

-10℃ ~ +50℃

Receiving/ Emission Frequency

433 MHz

Range of Humidity

40 ~ 70%



Emission Distance


APP  Language

Chinese, English, Vietnamese, Dutch, Turkish, Spanish, German, Italian, French, Russian, Finnish

SMS Language

Chinese, English, Vietnamese, Dutch, Turkish, Spanish, German, Italian, French, Russian, Finnish

wifi /gprs/sms panel

smart alarm control

smart sockets

widely usage meet your various needs

super configured function

quick start

three network for best security

smart sharing

remote monitoring specking

Remote Monitoring Speaking

Smart Setting For Arm /Disarm

Multiple Modes Gurantee You best guard

Remote firmware update

Battery backup for Power Failure


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