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The basic function of smart alarm system
Jun 15, 2017

1) Anti-theft: If illegal burglary, immediately on-site alarm, while sending out the alarm signal

2) Help: can be used for the elderly at home, children accident and emergency call for help

3) Fire protection: smoke detectors through the timely detection of indoor smoke, send a fire alarm

4) anti-combustible gas poisoning: to detect gas, liquefied petroleum gas, natural gas and other gas leaks, timely alarm

5) Automatic alarm: In the event of police intelligence, the host automatically loop to set the phone, such as networking alarm to the alarm center, or send a voice alarm signal

6) Remote monitoring: connected to the alarm after the phone can immediately monitor and determine the indoor scene movement, so that action can be taken.

7) Remote remote control: the owner in a remote location through the phone or call  the home host armed or disarmed and other operations. Can also be part of arming, such as people in the living room disarmed, balcony windows armed.

smoke detector

gas detector

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