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Solutions For Simple Faults(一)
May 23, 2017

一、Panel cannot give a alarm phone call

Analysis arming

2.not set alarm phone

3.installation distance is too far away from the wireless detectors

4.not enroll wireless accessory

Solutions arm reset alarm phone adjust detectorsinstallation site enroll again



二、Remote controller doesnt work


1.not enroll remote controller

2.low battery power

Solutions enroll again charge the battery


三、One long Di/15s and it shows low power in one of zones


 1.low battery power of wireless detector

Solutions change the battery



四、Wireless detectors are  often triggered wrongly


1.the installation site doesnt conform with right condition

Solutions change a right installation site


五、It doesnt call or send SMS to users when alarm happens


1. not insert SIM card

2.weak GSM signal

3.copper sheet of SIM card is scratched

4. not set alarm number

5. no enough amount of SIM card



1.insert SIM card

2.change to a place with strong GSM signal

3.change a new normal SIM card

4.reset alarm number

5.charge SIM cards account


六、No any recording prompts when alarm happens


1.not record alarm voice record the alarm voice again

Wired siren doesnt work

1.bad contact

2.wrong connect with polarity


1.connect again

2.connect BELL to positive side GND to negative side


七、Panel always shows zone faults


1.wrong connection or bad connection does not connect  with 2.2k resistance when setting zone triggered way as end of line


1. check up whether screw are tightened or not

2.connect a 2.2 resistance in the zone interface


八、Panel does not prompt when user dials to panel


Ring bell function is closed


Open ring bell function

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